Thursday, August 28, 2008

Question of a seeker of truth

When I was young, I always asked my father why he grew bigger than me. Whenever we ran together, I noticed his footsteps are quite far from each other while mine are as near as a little frog leaps from one place to another. In the night, I asked him, "why the stars are twinkling? Why the moon has different shapes night after night of seeing it? Why there is night and day?" And there comes a time when I asked myself, "What am I doing on this earth? What is the purpose of my life? Why I was born in the family I chose not? What am I doing in this country of anxiety, of fear, of corruption and greediness? When do this unending questions of everyday life will end?"

Indeed, today more than ever before, mankind is going through a special time in its evolution. From all directions, numerous men and women are meeting at the crossroads of a thousand roads seeking the answers to a thousand shared questions. As before, peace can not be found in the deep part of one's heart for the inner voice calls insistently over and over again.

Media on its part have awakened in us the desire to visit the other side of the planet. And man lives in the hope that, by taking from neighbouring lands the things lacking in his own, he can ease his soul's pain. But, in their envy of the others' lot, they are unaware of the depth of their identical despair!

We are all but prisoners in this world of darkness. Where do we think our daily routine will lead us? What use is eating, working, marrying, playing gambles of life, when life is waiting patiently for each of us around the corner with its frightful rewards: the faded flower of old age and the icy branch of death! That's nature's law and no one can escape. Death really scares, doesn't it? But, for a seeker of truth, he is trying to unlock the meaning of his life rather than looking forward to this frightening reality of death. Whatever the cost may be, he must know the secret to the play of the universe. But what really is that secret? For thousands of years, people try to interpret everything they experienced, felt and seen. Wars between countries up to each and every individual continues. War within ourselves exists that we are not able to conceive because we are blind.

What will you do then if the truth comes in your face? Anything that is truth scares us, isn't it? Everybody will run away when the reality is there. But, as scriptures keep on telling us, "the TRUTH shall set you free", we can not accept that it is the reality. As we continue to live our lives, think of those little little things we came in contact with. And from there ask yourself, "who am I?". I believe the answer lies in your own understanding of what life should be by knowing your own self. People are eager to know what lies beyond their own physical body. Why not turn our attention one step inside of us? The great discovery is waiting there.

- Manny